Your Guide to… the EMVA Business Conference

The annual EMVA Business Conference is back with a "Special Edition" for 2021 that includes Virtual Online Networking.

By Joel Davies -

Due to take place in Sofia, Bulgaria, the annual EMVA Business Conference has moved to an online format. With a focus on business and technology leaders coming together to share ideas, this year’s event has aimed at achieving the same level of conversation, but on a virtual, online platform. Here’s what you need to know.

Virtual Online Networking

The EMVA Business Conference is similar to other tradeshow events, except with a focus on bringing business leaders and technical experts within the Vision Tech Industry and the various user markets from Europe and around the world together to present and discuss trends and challenges. The EMVA says that it provides a “unique platform in Europe for networking, establishing contacts and exchanging ideas” and “sets the course for developing and strengthening the industry in Europe”.

A virtual, online event, those who wish to attend can register, declare their availability for meetings, set up a profile and request and receive meeting invites to video conference with other attendees. Leading up to the event attendees will receive an email containing a meeting schedule with the virtual meeting room and time.

Networking opportunities through the pre-scheduled virtual face-to-face meetings will be available in the hours before and after the conference tracks. In addition, attendees can use one of several break-out rooms for ad-hoc meetings with other participants.

Meetings can be arranged up until the conference begins, where attendees can choose their preferred conversation partners out of the list of attendees.


Two afternoons of conferences are planned with each opened by a keynote talk. Leaders and innovators in the industry will offer a mixture of online presentations covering the topics of management, innovation and technology trends. A panel discussion and fireside chat are also planned.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Panel Discussion: “What has changed through COVID in our Industry? What will stay?” with Arne Dehn, CEO at Stemmer Imaging; Dr Dietmar Ley, CEO at Basler; and Max Hodeau, CEO at TIAMA Inspection.
  • Keynote: “The Big Picture – Global Economic Outlook” with Liam Halligan, Economics & Business Editor at The Telegraph.
  • Panel Discussion: “Industry 4.0: Emerging from the Early Years” with Dr Gunther Kegel, CEO at Pepperl+Fuchs, President of ZVEI; Dr Roman Dumitrescu, Director Fraunhofer IEM, MD of cluster ‘it’s OWL’; and Dr Thomas Scheiter, Head of Technology Field ‘IoT’ at Siemens.
  • Keynote: “AI – a Blessing and a Curse” with Wouter Denayer, CTO at IBM Belgium BV.
  • Presentation: “Seeing Beyond the Visible: The Short-Wave Infrared Revolution” by Ziv Livne, Chief Business Officer at TriEye Ltd.

In multiple 10 minute slots, EMVA members will also update attendees on their newest activities. For the first time, the “Emerging Tech Talks” session will take place. The talks will feature “recently founded” and “respectively still young companies” who will get the opportunity to present their early-stage innovation.

The EMVA Business Conference begins Thursday 10th June 2021 and ends Friday 11th June 2021. B2B meeting sessions take place from 8 am on Thursday and the welcome and opening begin at midday the same day.

You can find more information and register for the EMVA Business Conference on its website.

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