Who We Are

The Automate Pro Europe team is a melting pot of talent working together to deliver the news you need to know about. Coming from diverse professional backgrounds and experiences connected to the automation, computer vision, machine vision and robotics industries, we bring our readers committed and unique content they won't find elsewhere.

Automate Pro Europe exists under the umbrella of Clifton Media Lab, a publishing company that was created by founders Alex Sullivan and Paul Wilson in 2013. Clifton Media Lab also owns and operates the financial B2B publications IFA Magazine, GBI Magazine and Wealth DFM.

Following the foundation of Clifton Media Lab and its financial publications, Alex, who had previously worked in the machine vision industry as a journalist and businessman creating the magazine IMVE Europe, launched MVPro Media. Up until Summer 2021, MVPro media was our flagship publication, covering the automation and machine vision industries alongside the smaller RoboPro, which focused on the robotics industry.

To create only the best and expand the reach of the content we make for our readers, MVPro and RoboPro were moved under the umbrella of Automate Pro Europe in Summer 2021 becoming streamlined, specialised branches of the main news hub. At the same time, in a re-focusing and modernisation of our reach as a publication, CVPro was created to cover the latest in the blossoming computer vision industry.

Automate Pro Europe is still made up of these publications, delivering the news you need to know about from the automation, computer vision, machine vision and robotics industries. If you would like to talk to us about any of our publications, please get in touch with the team via the "Speak to Us" page.

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