VISION Stuttgart: An Interview With LMI Technologies

MVPro Media's Editor, Joel Davies, talks to LMI Technologies' CEO Mark Radford about presenting as part of the TKH Group and a positive 12 months for automation. Watch or read the full interview below. 

By Joel Davies -

[Mark] Hi, I’m Mark Radford. I’m the CEO of LMI Technologies. We’re really excited to be here at VISION 2021. For the first time, we’re presenting as part of the TKH Vision Group programme, which has just been announced.

[Joel] What sort of applications are you showing here?

[Mark] LMI specialises in 3D inspection systems for automation and control. So primarily, this is the in-line inspection of parts or automation, particularly with vision for robotics or in optimisation activities. So we’ve got a number of different products here that highlight the different product lines, both on the laser line profiler side as well as our line confocal technology.

[Joel] And you recently became a part of the TKH Group?

[Mark] Not recently, so we’ve been part of the TKH Group since 2014, but we’re presenting here as part of that greater group for the first time.

[Joel] What does that mean for LMI?

[Mark] So really, we’re providing a little bit more recognition of the different companies within TKH. And really, until this point, the different companies have operated independently from each other and they’re still going to. We believe that’s important in terms of, you know, connecting with our customers, connecting in our markets, being agile, being entrepreneurial.

But what we are trying to explore is better ways to serve our customers and really promote the notion of more of a one-stop shop. Each company in the group specialises in different areas and many of our applications have some overlap in terms of customer potential. So we’re here to explore that and to really build awareness about what TKH can offer.

[Joel] How have the last 12 months been?

[Mark] It’s been fantastic. I mean, I think we’re really seeing record activity in the automation space. It’s an amazing time to be part of the automation industry overall. And I think a lot of the challenges that, you know, have driven COVID to be what it is are now leading to increases in automation.

So we’re seeing demand for automated systems, both as a result of geopolitical tensions due to labour shortages and due to safety concerns. And so ultimately, you know, there’s massive capital and spending happening in the automation field, and we’re really excited to be a part of it.

[Joel] The next 12 months are positive overall then?

[Mark] Yeah. Again, I think the next 12 months look really strong. We’re continuing to see high levels of activity in all industries.

You can find more information about LMI Technologies on its website.

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