VISION Stuttgart: An Interview With ISRA VISION

MVPro Media's Publishing Director, Alex Sullivan, talks to Tolga Sarraf from ISRA VISION at VISION Messe Stuttgart about surface inspection, bead inspection and the automotive industry. Watch the video or read the full interview below. 

By Joel Davies -

[Alex] Good afternoon, I’m here at ISRA VISION at the VISION show in Stuttgart. I’m joined here by Tolga. Tolga, do you want to perhaps introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about ISRA VISION?

[Tolga] Of course, thank you. My name is Tolga Sarraf. I am the sales director of the EMEA region at ISRA VISION. ISRA is a vision company. We are active in the area of industrial vision. ISRA stands for “industrial solutions for robotics and automation”.

[Alex] And so it makes a lot of sense.

[Tolga] Of course, yes!

[Alex] Tolga, what are you here particularly demonstrating? What are some of the products you’re showing at the VISION show today?

[Tolga] What we’re showing today to our customers, to our visitors, are vision systems in the area of surface inspection, systems for bead inspection, systems for in-line measurement and also the so-called bin-picking for robot-guided bin picking. So that means picking parts out of a box with the help of a robot and of course, our vision system.

[Alex] What are the key application areas that the people should be talking to you about that you are able to solve?

[Tolga] It depends on which industry. We are very, let’s say, focused on the automotive industry, of course, but also other industries like paper, like metal, like special paper, money paper, for example, or glass. What we show today is really general industry, all applications of general industries, white goods and all the other stuff. So key applications here are, of course, bin picking, as I mentioned before and of course, surface inspection.

[Alex] Thanks. Who are your typical customers? Who should be coming to talk to you? Who should be learning more about ISRA?

[Tolga] All customers outside of automotive industries in my area but of course, also automotive customers. We have key account management for all the automotive key players like BMW, Mercedes and all the other big key players here, mainly in Germany, of course. And in my area more the general industries outside of the automotive industry.

[Alex] We can see this product here, the SpecGAGE3D. What other products are you showing at the booth today?

[Tolga] The SpecGAGE3D is a really nice system for surface inspection. If you have shiny surfaces, if you have glossy surfaces, this is the best system you will find in order to inspect the surface for defects, for errors, for holes, for pins – everything that should not be on your surface. And also, we are able to measure the global form of a part.

Let me give you an example: head-up displays. Everyone knows what head-up displays are in front of your car, to project information on the windshield. And if such a glass, if such a mirror of the head-up display has not the right form or it has defects on the surface, you will have, of course, distortions on the windshield. And this is what we inspect here. The right form, the right mobile form and also the defect inspection, for example.

[Alex] That’s a great example of a really good thing that makes it very clear for our readers. What else are you showing at the exhibition?

[Tolga] We’re also showing our bead inspection to inspect beads. What does it mean if you have a dispenser which dispenses the glue, for example, on your box or your surface? We can inspect: Do we have the right height? Do we have the right this? Do we have the right shape? Do we have some errors on the surface? This is what we also do with our bead inspection system.

[Alex] Where can our readers find out more about ISRA Vision? How can they get in touch with you?

[Tolga] Of course, one possibility is to visit ISRA on the booth. We are here until tomorrow at VISION. One way is through our homepage: Or of course, if you call me so I can help you directly.

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