Your Guide to: Vision China

The China International Machine Vision Exhibition & Conference on Machine Vision Technology and Industrial Applications begins 17 March.

By Joel Davies -

So, the first in-person event of the industry in 2021 will be Vision China. It follows the success of Mobile World Congress Shanghai last month, which was expected to receive 200 companies and about 20,000 people. It’s unknown how many will visit Vision China this year, but as is their usual style, it’s set to be big.

Hundreds of exhibitors will showcase their products over the three-day event. Whilst the majority of exhibiting companies will be Chinese, companies from around the world will be in attendance. They include Basler China, Cognex, Allied Vision, Color Vision, Active Silicon, Euresys, MVTec Software GmbH, LMI Technologies Inc and Teledyne DALSA, as well as Teledyne e2v, which recently announced its collaboration with Yumain on AI-based imaging solutions.

The exhibits are split into two categories. Machine Vision core components:

  • Intelligent cameras: black and white intelligent cameras, line scan intelligent cameras, color intelligent cameras, CMOS intelligent cameras, ID reader, etc.
  • Cards: black and white acquisition card, image compression/decompression card, colour acquisition card, etc.
  • Software package: image processing software, machine vision tool software;
  • Accessories: Industrial Camera, CMOS Camera, CCD Camera, Area Array Camera, CAMERA-LINK Camera, Line Scanning Camera, Infrared Camera, 1394 Interface Camera;
  • Industrial lens: FA lens, high-resolution lens, image scanning lens, concentrating lens, telecentric lens, etc.
  • Light source: LED light source, ultraviolet lighting system, infrared light source, optical fibre lighting system, etc.
  • Auxiliary products: sensors, calibration blocks, gratings, gaskets, wiring and connectors, power supply, bottom plate.

And Machine Vision accessories:

  • Image processing system: optical text, recognition system, automation/robot technology, infrared image system;
  • Machine Vision Integration: Character Processing and Recognition System, Automation/Robot Technology, Infrared Image System, Tobacco, Banknote Printing, Electronic Assembly, Quality Detection, Automatic Recognition (OCR/OCV), Measurement, Intelligent Vision, Surface Detection, Printing, Packaging, Complex Industrial Object Vision Online, Automobile Manufacturing, License Plate, Intelligent Transportation, Biometric Recognition, Monitoring, Medical Detection Optical inspection system.
Vision China takes place over three days.

With such a range of sectors and technologies on show, there are 28 speakers planned to deliver speeches on related topics across the three days. AI, the integration of 5G and machine vision, deep learning, sensor technology, 3D light field cameras and Industry 4.0 are just some of the planned topics.

If that wasn’t enough, a lucky draw is to take place every lunchtime and at the end of the day. To close Vision China, there will be the Machine Vision innovation product award ceremony.

Exhibitors and Visitors can still register to attend. Stay up to date with the most recent events and trade shows news on MVPro.

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