The new hyperspectral camera generation – xiSpec is back!

By Lee Mclaughlan -

XIMEA and imec have launched a new generation of the xiSpec camera series.

After the intensified cooperation, XIMEA and imec have jointly developed an improved version of the xiSpec hyperspectral cameras.

While maintaining the previous dimensions of the cameras of only 26.4 x 26.4 x 32 mm and a flyweight of only 32g, the camera housing and the bandpass filters have been optimised to improve the spectral performance of the cameras.

Each xiSpec2 camera is individually calibrated. The new xiSpec2 camera series consist of the following models:

Camera model Description Spectral range Spectral bands
MQ022HG-IM-SM4X4-VIS2 Snapshot visible light 480 – 625 10
MQ022HG-IM-SM4X4-RN2 Snapshot Red-NIR 600 – 860 15
MQ022HG-IM-SM5X5-NIR2 Snapshot NIR 665 – 960 24
MQ022HG-IM-LS150-VN2 Line scan 150 VIS-NIR 470 – 900 150

New starter kits will be offered to match the new cameras to ensure a smooth start-up.

The snapshot cameras will be delivered with imec’s HSI-Mosaic suite, access to imec’s hyperspectral API and XIMEA’s camera SDK.

The line scan cameras will be sold to OEM customers after clarification of the project use. As part of the collaboration, XIMEA and imec offer xiSpec customers tailored support to integrate the hyperspectral cameras into their application.

The standard xiSpec2 cameras come with a micro-B USB3 interface. For use in compact integration projects, models with USB3 flat-ribbon connection or PCIe will also be available in a later phase.

The PCIe interface enables bandwidths of 10 Gbit/s with lowest power consumption and allows access to the maximum framerates of the sensors used.

The new xiSpec2 cameras can be ordered and delivered starting December 2020.

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