Teledyne e2v Introduces New Series of CMOS Sensors

The new Topaz sensors are geared towards mobile applications because of their 4.45 mm wide package.

By Joel Davies -

Teledyne e2v, a part of Teledyne Technologies, has introduced its Topaz series of industrial CMOS sensors with new 2MP and 1.5MP resolution devices able to power solutions and enable compact mobile designs for applications.

Teledyne e2v is the UK-based sister company of Teledyne Technologies that designs, develops and manufactures systems and components in healthcare, life sciences, space, transportation, defence and security and industrial markets. Teledyne e2v CMOS sensors and electronics such as the new Topaz cameras are designed in Grenoble, France (Teledyne e2v) and Seville, Spain (Teledyne Anafocus) and supplied to customers, worldwide.

Housed in a 4.45 mm wide Chip Scale Package (CSP), the Topaz sensors have an optical array centre that matches the mechanical centre of the package, allowing for a slim camera design. It makes the new 1920 x 1080 and 1920 x 800-pixel format sensors suitable for miniature OEM barcode engine designs, mobile terminals and sleds, IoT, contactless authentication systems, wearable devices, drones and robotics.

The 1/3” optical format of the sensors is made possible due to the small 2.5µm global shutter pixel that employs in-pixel CDS (correlated double sampling) and dual light-guides to achieve good SNR at low-light, with low crosstalk for crisp images.

Teledyne e2v topaz sensors
The Teledyne e2v Topaz sensors can be used in mobile applications like drones due to their slim package. Image: Topaz.

Gareth Powell, Marketing Manager for CMOS Sensors at Teledyne e2v said, “Modern logistics, retail, and manufacturing applications all require enhanced productivity and throughput, with longer working ranges. The new Topaz sensors were developed with this in mind, offering an excellent cost/performance ratio for high volume adoption. They also have a tiny footprint making them ideal to drive the world’s smallest barcode OEM engines and thinnest mobile platforms”.

Other key Features of the Topaz series include a low readout noise of typically 3.3 electrons, ultra-low dark signal for good high temp performance, a frame rate of >100 frames per second in 8-bit output mode, two-lane MIPI outputs (1.2Gpix/sec each) for seamless connection with CPU, ISP and other application processors and “Fast Wake Up mode” that allows the sensors to decode within 10 milliseconds after power-up.

Teledyne e2v cite potential applications of the sensors as barcode and OCR scanning, factory automation, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), robotics, logistics, professional drones, IoT edge devices, AR/VR and wearable security (body camera).

Samples and evaluation kits for the Topaz series of sensors are available now.

You can find more information about Teledyne e2v and its Topaz series of industrial CMOS sensors on its website.

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