Smart Eye & OmniVision Partner on Sensing Solution

Every year, 1.2 million people lose their lives in traffic-related accidents around the world and another 50 million are injured - Smart Eye thinks it can help fix that.

By Joel Davies -

Smart Eye and OmniVision have partnered to provide the automotive industry with a “ground-breaking” end-to-end interior sensing solution. Through a combination of two technologies, the solution enables complete in-cabin monitoring with features the companies say “bring the next generation of automobiles to a higher level of autonomy”.

Smart Eye AB, a leader in interior sensing AI, and OmniVision Technologies, Inc., a leading developer of advanced digital imaging solutions, jointly worked together on the full Interior Sensing solution. Developed for automotive OEMs, the solution enables complete driver and cabin monitoring with videoconferencing applications from a single RGB-IR sensor. The solution is the first integrated video processing chain, which combines features based on the OmniVision OV2312 RGB-IR sensor, supporting day and night performance.

Smart Eye develops artificial intelligence (AI) in the form of eye-tracking technology that understands, supports and predicts a person’s intentions and actions. By studying eye, facial and head movement, its technology can draw conclusions about a person’s awareness and mental state. Its solutions are used by more than 800 partners and customers, including the US Air Force, NASA, BMW, Audi, Boeing, Volvo, GM, and Harvard University.

“Interior Sensing AI is crucial for the automotive industry”, said Martin Krantz, Founder and CEO of Smart Eye. “Not only is this technology improving automotive safety – saving human lives around the world – it is also enabling automakers to provide differentiated mobility experiences that enhance wellness, comfort and entertainment.

“By partnering with OmniVision, we are delivering on this vision: providing an end-to-end, highly advanced Interior Sensing system that meets the demands of automotive OEMs, at a price point that makes it viable for the mass market”.

Smart Eye OmniVision solution
Smart Eye’s Interior Sensing system provides complete driver and cabin monitoring, tracking eye gaze, body key points, activities and objects in a vehicle, seat occupancy and more. Image: OmniVision.

Smart Eye’s AI-based eye, mouth and head tracking technology provides Euro NCAP performance linked with full cabin monitoring and driver monitoring, featuring distraction, drowsiness and incapacitated driver detection, combined with driver identification and spoof-proof processing.

The cabin monitoring also includes occupancy detection for all seats, combined with out of position, seat belt status and forgotten baby detection. The action detection allows an understanding of occupant actions like driver hands on steering wheel, interaction with mobile devices, calling, drinking, and eating. These actions may have an impact on the interaction between the vehicle and the occupant and will be a prerequisite for higher levels of vehicle autonomy.

“Empowered by our OmniPixel®3-GS pixel technology, the OV2312 is a 2.1MP, RGB-IR, global shutter image sensor that was designed specifically for interior applications, and it strikes a balance with MTF, NIR QE, and power consumption.

“We are proud to partner with Smart Eye to enable this accurate full interior sensing solution. Along with high-quality RGB images for human viewing, making it an optimal solution for the mass market”, said Brian Pluckebaum, automotive product marketing manager at OmniVision.

You can find more information about the Smart Eye & OmniVision sensing solution on their respective websites.

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