Small Pixels for Higher Image Quality: Compact 29×29 MM Cameras With Sony Pregius S Sensors up to 24 MP

Baumer is back with a new camera from the CX series.

By Joel Davies -

Baumer is expanding its CX series with the 4th Sony CMOS sensor generation Pregius S with up to 24-megapixel resolution. Thanks to a pixel size of a mere 2.74 µm and backside illumination pixel architecture, the camera has a very compact design of 29×29 mm and offers very high resolutions with excellent image quality and improved sensitivity for stable image evaluations. For example, detailed surface inspections can be carried out or increasingly small objects measured.

Existing systems can also be equipped with a higher resolution without having to change the mechanical setup. Thanks to the global shutter and short exposure time, quick objects can be reliably captured without motion artefacts. This allows the CX cameras to keep pace with increasing operational throughputs. The series expansion starts with the 24 MP sensor IMX540 for the CX cameras, which are already available. Serial production of the cameras with 5, 8, 12, and 20-megapixel resolutions will commence gradually.

The Baumer CX camera series includes 115 models offering an extensive sensor portfolio for cross-sector standard applications of industrial image processing. The standard versions in the 29×29 mm format offer an extensive range of functions as well as modern Sony Pregius, Pregius S, STARVIS, and Polarsens as well as ON Semiconductor PYTHON CMOS sensors for the future-oriented implementation of applications.

Models with standard-compliant GigE Vision or USB3 Vision interfaces, with Precision Time Protocol (PTP) for precise time synchronization in Ethernet networks, with polarization sensors for the complete detection of the linear polarization state of surfaces, as well as global, rolling, or global reset shutters, allow a wide variety of application solutions. The CX cameras offer very good image quality and high frame rates – with the use of an ROI (Region of Interest) even with far more than 1000 fps. Easy camera integration with changing light conditions is ensured thanks to auto features for exposure, gain, white balance, and colour transformation.

You can find more information about the CX cameras on Baumer’s website.

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