SICK Releases Mini InspectorP611

The compact, all-in-one 2D vision sensor can be set up to conduct inline machine vision inspections in tight machine spaces, or when mounted on robot arms.

By Joel Davies -

SICK has launched the InspectorP611, an ultra-compact, all-in-one 2D vision sensor which can be set up to conduct inline machine vision inspections in tight machine spaces, or when mounted on robot arms.

Small enough to be mounted inside a machine, the InspectorP611 is suited for measuring or verifying the finer details of small assemblies, electronics components or glue beads. Tiny and lightweight, it can also be mounted on robot arms to provide real-time quality checks and positioning for tasks such as the insertion of small screws.

Following what SICK calls an “instant installation” with snap-in mounting, users can obtain high-quality images ‘out of the box’ with the SICK InspectorP611’s integrated optics and adjustable LED illumination. Connected to a PC with a standard web browser interface, the camera can be configured to a choice of machine vision tools to run directly onboard the camera. Additional flexibility is also built-in to expand or customise inspections, together with the option to progress to SICK’s Intelligent Inspection Deep Learning SensorApp for more challenging inspections when required.

“It might be the smallest of the InspectorP600 family of programmable 2D vision sensors, but the SICK InspectorP611 packs the power of its larger siblings into a miniature device that fits in the palm of your hand”, said Neil Sandhu, SICK’s UK Product Manager for Imaging, Measurement and Ranging. “Whether you are a novice or an expert, it is quick and easy to configure your machine vision application using the onboard image processing tools provided within the SICK Quality Inspection SensorApp.

“It’s also simple to download additional free tools for specific applications, such as glue bead inspection, while more experienced users have the flexibility via the programming interface to access time-saving, ready-made code so they can fast-track customised inspections. Meanwhile, even inexperienced users can progress to Deep Learning, starting from a low cost of ownership”.

SICK InspectorP611
Neil Sandhu, SICK’s UK Product Manager for Imaging, Measurement and Ranging. Image: SICK.

The SICK InspectorP61 is 50 x 40.3 x 29.6 mm in size and processes high-quality images with up to 1.2 Mpixel resolution, even at short distances down to 50mm. Its built-in illumination supports reliable inspection all the way up to 300mm, enabling a much larger field of view when required.

In-situ camera set-up time is minimal, thanks to a choice of 6mm or 12mm pre-installed lenses, together with the InspectorP611’s innovative integrated illumination. An array of blue and amber LEDs built into the sensor housing enables the user to fine-tune the brightness, colour and shape of the illuminated inspection area to achieve the best possible image processing results.

In common with all the SICK InspectorP600 family of 2D vision sensors, the InspectorP611 comes with SICK’s Quality Inspection SensorApp already installed. Users are guided through point-and-click configuration and have the freedom to add, combine and customise the machine vision tools they need. With the additional programming tools within the SICK AppSpace software platform, users have the option to further extend their applications with minimal coding time, as well as to access the HALCON machine vision library.

The integration with the SICK Intelligent Inspection Deep Learning SensorApp provides users with the opportunity to use a vision sensor of the InspectorP61x’s tiny size to progress to Artificial Intelligence vision classifications. With the benefit of training a neural network based on real examples, users can try out the suitability of Deep Learning classification for their application before purchasing the additional license required. They can also use traditional rule-based vision tools together with Deep Learning to solve the application.

Image processing is conducted directly onboard the SICK InspectorP611 and the digital input and outputs offer automation options for communication of measurement data to higher-level control systems, as well as for remote diagnostics and process monitoring. It uses a variety of communications interfaces via Ethernet TCP/IP, FTP, EtherNET/IP®, and PROFINET fieldbuses.

You can find more information about SICK and its Mini InspectorP611 on its website.

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