Prophesee Releases 4th Evaluation Kit

By Joel Davies -

Prophesee has announced the availability of the EVK4, an HD evaluation kit for developers of computer vision systems who want to start the evaluation of the new Sony IMX636ES HD stacked Event-Based Vision sensor, realized in collaboration between Sony and Prophesee.

The full-featured EVK provides computer vision engineers with a tested solution for technology onboarding and application prototyping and development. The kit is natively compatible with free software from Prophesee and includes technical support and knowledge centre access to application notes, advanced documentation, community forums and more.

The Sony IMX636ES features a 4.86μm pixel pitch and 1280 x720 pixel resolution, making it useful for a range of vision-enabled use cases in industrial, mobility, consumer applications and more. This sensor was made possible through a collaboration between Sony and Prophesee, by combining Sony’s CMOS image sensor technology with Prophesee’s Event-Based Metavision sensing technology.

The EVK comes with the free Metavision® Intelligence Suite, a set of software tools that facilitate application development. It features 95 algorithms, 67 code samples and 11 ready-to-use applications and is augmented by a global Open-Source community of developers. This technology allows developers to perform a variety of design exploration steps and incorporate customized software applications to meet specific market requirements.

“Interest in this Sony sensor, co-developed with Prophesee, has been extremely high and this EVK is the best way to start evaluating how the sensor performs for multiple use cases and market-specific machine visions systems”, said Luca Verre, co-founder and CEO of Prophesee. “This new EVK will enable computer vision engineers, integrators, and camera manufacturers to get a complete and accurate understanding of how to leverage the performance advantages offered by this innovative architecture, and tap into an expanding global community of more than 4,000 developers already working on Event-Based Metavision applications”.

Built from aluminium alloy, the EVK combines a 40g design with heat dissipation, electrical isolation and overall casing shielding. Measuring 30x30x36 mm, it can fit in small systems and is designed to withstand field testing conditions. The kit has been tested to ensure it will perform in a wide range of challenging industrial environmental conditions, including changes in temperature, moisture, rough handling shocks and can manage electrostatic discharge.

Developers can switch between any C/CS mount compatible lens, from 8mm objective lens to microscope/telescope imaging ports. The kits are provided with a C-mount 1/2.5’’ lens, a C-CS lens mount adapter, a tripod and USB–C to USB-A cable. The EVK is available from Prophesee immediately.

Find more information about Prophesee and EVK4, the new evaluation kit developed in collaboration with Sony on its website.

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