New British Car Manufacturer Unveils Electric Plans

The plans include a British-built electric vehicle on the road by 2024 and an alternative to car-sharing services.

By Joel Davies -

Soventem is a new British electric car manufacturer based in London and opening an engineering centre at Mira Technology Park in the Midlands. The new brand will be introducing an array of carbon-neutral vehicles, as well as launching an alternative to car-sharing services in the UK.

Incorporated in 2019, Soventem electric vehicles will be built in the UK, and the brand claims it will be working with some of the leading names in the market. Scheduled to arrive on UK roads in 2024, Soventem drive systems are low voltage for safety and are developing a power system that by 2029 will not require mains charging or a visit to the nearest hydrogen filling station.

Robert Parson, Soventem CEO and Founder, said “There can be no denying that electric vehicles are the future of the automotive industry. We are already seeing the UK government introduce legislation and laws to reduce the number of petrol and diesel vehicles on our roads and in the not so distant future, city centres are going to become electric vehicle only areas.

Our mission is to not only provide drivers with the ability to purchase exciting EVs but also introduce a ground-breaking new electric vehicle car rental scheme, the ultimate, alternative to existing car sharing services, Soventem could not have been timed any better!”

The company states that “each Soventem vehicle has been carefully designed to stand out amongst the crowd, and the forward-thinking brand is striving to ensure every aspect of the manufacturing process is environmentally friendly”. The carbon-neutral build uses green materials, whilst the lightweight monocoque structure is created using 3D printing additive manufacturing technology.

new british car manufacturer
An artist’s impression of the company’s four-seater vehicle. Image: Soventem.

Alongside its carbon-neutral manufacturing processes, Soventem is looking to take a further step towards sustainable living with an alternative to car-sharing services. Aiming to be launched in the UK in March 2024, with a crowdfunding campaign being unveiled later this year, SoventemTM is set to “revolutionise” the way people utilise their vehicles.

Soventem says, “with more drivers utilising car-sharing schemes, it helps to reduce the number of vehicles on the road, lowering the overall CO2 in the atmosphere and improving the air quality, particularly in major cities”. As such, the service will allow users to utilise Soventem vehicles whenever they need them. The onboard car assistant, LUCY, will remember each driver, greet them in their own language, and provide recommendations to maximise their driving experience.

Heading up the production of the Soventem range is Randip Bhogal, who has over 12 years of experience in the automotive world, having previously worked for Jaguar Land Rover and TATA motors with Matt Neal three times British Touring Car Champion as Soventem’s Brand Ambassador.

You can find more information about the car manufacturer Soventem and its plans for a new, British electric vehicle on its website.

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