Herga Technology Unveil New Bluetooth Footswitch Receiver

New Bluetooth PAN to USB device allows Herga’s wireless footswitches to emulate PC keystrokes and mouse clicks

By Joel Davies -

The 6311-BLE2 is a Bluetooth secure PAN-enabled receiver that features pushbutton pairing with Herga’s single and multipedal Bluetooth footswitches. For remote operation from footswitch to machine, the 6311-BLE2 has a nominal 10-metre wireless range (up to 25 metres line-of-sight) with switching delay flexibility built-in via user-selectable switching latency of 100 ms or 200 ms (at 10 metres).

Powered via its USB port, the receiver includes LED indication for pairing and for the indication of footswitch battery condition through the ultra-low-power Bluetooth PAN. There is also a user-selectable footswitch timeout function of 15 or 60 seconds for battery conservation where the footswitch will auto-wake on the press of the pedal. The 6311-BLE2 has integrated USB 2.0 ports that connect with Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems through a simple plug and play set-up.

The 6311-BLE2 works with Herga’s recently announced Medical Footswitch Design Platform – a modular system of medically approved electrical or Bluetooth foot and puckswitches that can each accommodate a single footswitch as well as one or two puckswitches.

Herga Technology is a UK designer and manufacturer that offers a range of electrical, pneumatic, infrared, Bluetooth and USB foot and hand switching controls in standard or custom designs.

The 6311-BLE2 can be applied to industrial and medical markets and equipment for the ease and safety hands-free switching allows. Footswitches that emulate computer keystrokes are especially effective for meticulous control measures in medical equipment applications from surgical procedures to imaging, diagnostic and analytic tasks. The cable-free wireless operation and hands-free capability of the 6311-BLE2 can avoid repeated keyboard commands for machine control, benefiting those areas where hygiene and safety are important.

For more information on Herga Technology, click here.

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