Gpixel Announces 2000fps Global Shutter Sensor

Targeting high-speed applications, the manufacturer adds a new sensor to its GSPRINT series.

By Joel Davies -

Gpixel, the Chinese manufacturer of high-end CMOS image sensors, has unveiled the GSPRINT4510, a high-speed global shutter image sensor and the newest addition to its GSPRINT series targeting high speed applications.

Gpixel provides high-end customized and off-the-shelf CMOS image sensors for industrial, professional, medical and scientific applications. Gpixel’s products include the GMAX and GSPRINT global shutter, fast frame rate sensors, the GSENSE and GLUX high-end scientific CMOS image sensor series, the GL series of line scan imagers, the GLT series of TDI line scan imagers and the GTOF series of iTOF imagers.

GSPRINT4510 is a 10 Megapixel (4608 x 2176) 4/3” (22.9mm) high-speed image sensor designed with 4.5 µm charge domain global shutter pixel. It achieves more than 30 ke- charge capacity and less than 3 e- rms read noise.

Using an advanced 65 nm CIS process with light pipe technology, the sensor achieves >65% QE and more than 1/40,000 shutter efficiency. With on-chip charge binning, full well capacity can be further increased and the frame rate is almost quadrupled.

GSPRINT4510 will be offered in two varieties to support different end-user use cases. The first version is dedicated to 3D laser profiling and supports 144 pairs of sub-LVDS channels running at 1.2Gbps each, which delivers a 2000 fps in 8-bit operation at 2048 rows and > 3500 fps with an ROI of 1024 rows in combination with several HDR modes.

The 3D-focused sensor also incorporates features such as a thinner glass lid to reduce stray light reflection, the option to have no microlenses, and either a sealed or removable glass lid. For other applications including high-speed industrial inspection, life science imaging and 4K video applications, the sensor is offered in monochrome, colour and can achieve up to 500 fps @ 12-bit, 1008 fps @ 10-bit and 1928 fps @ 8-bit with full resolution.

GSPRINT4510’s specifications. Image: Gpixel.

On-chip 2×2 charge binning can boost frame rates more than x3 with a full well charge increase to 120 ke-, whilst flexible output channel multiplex modes make it possible to reduce frame and data rate to make it compatible with all available camera interface options.

This version of the sensor incorporates microlenses on top of the pixels and a sealed glass lid so the GSPRINT4510 can be used for applications such as 4/3”(Micro Four Thirds) format global shutter cameras in slow motion capture or drone-mounted videography.

Both versions of GSPRINT4510 are packaged in a 454-pin uPGA ceramic package which is pin-compatible with GSPRINT4521. GSPRINT4510 monochrome engineering samples can be ordered today for delivery in October 2021.

You can find more information about Gpixel and GSPRINT4510 on the company’s website.

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