Gastops Introduces Equipment Condition Monitoring Platform

By Joel Davies -

Gastops, a Canadian condition monitoring solutions provider, has launched an online subscription service called Gastops Connect that delivers critical equipment condition monitoring and analysis capabilities to those using its condition monitoring sensor technology and solutions.

Gastops is a provider of intelligent condition monitoring solutions used in Aerospace, Defence, Energy, and Industrial applications to optimize the availability, performance, and safety of critical assets. The company offers online monitoring sensors, at-line analysis, complex modelling and simulation, laboratory testing, engineering, design, and MRO services that predict performance to enable proactive operating decisions.

Gastops President & CEO Shaun Horning, said “Gastops Connect provides our customers with a secure, cloud-based monitoring portal that delivers a real-time view of equipment condition, accessible through any web browser device. The platform provides a foundation for the future of integrated health monitoring, enabling Gastops to deliver on our vision of real-time prognostics that combines the expertise of our Equipment Condition Analytics team with the machine intelligence of our sensors and software”.

Gastops Connect collects, processes, and analyzes data from MetalSCAN sensors and combines it with equipment controller data and third-party data to create a real-time view of equipment conditions accessible through any web browsing device. The firm’s MetalSCAN technology is an online oil debris sensor that detects metal particles present in oil flow and compares damage progression to proprietary statistical models.

This wear debris sensor detects failure modes for critical components including bearings, gears, seals, and blades and identifies surface fatigue damage, build debris, and seal damage. Using this information, MetalSCAN provides a real-time indication of the severity and progression of damage.

Cedric Ouellet, Director of Energy & Industrial at Gastops, stated, “By combining Gastops Connect with our new MetalSCAN 3500 series sensors, we’re unlocking a turnkey capability for wind turbine operators to monitor the health of the bearings and gears of any and all turbines across their wind farms.

“And with the ability to integrate third-party data sources and access to our team of experts, Gastops Connect delivers a comprehensive asset management experience which provides the earliest and most reliable indication of component damage and Remaining Useful Life (RUL) for our customer’s critical equipment”.

You can find more information about Gastops and Gastops Connect, its new equipment condition monitoring platform, on its website.

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