Frankfurt Laser Company Releases Two New Products

By Joel Davies -

Frankfurt Laser Company, the German supplier of semiconductor lasers, has added two new products to its portfolio.

Frankfurt Laser Company was founded in 1994 by Dr Vsevolod Mazo and offers laser sources from UV, over the visible range, IR and far-IR, laser diodes, superluminescent diodes, laser modules, laser systems, DPSS lasers or MID-IR LEDs, including single-mode and multimode, free space beam and fibre-coupled.

The first new product from the company is the FERT-1535-XXXµJ-Q, a series of “eye-safe” 1535nm diode-pumped passively q-switched Erbium glass lasers with pulse energies between 40µJ to 400µJ and peak powers between 10kW and 80kW. The output beam has a diameter of 0.2mm with a divergence ≤12mrad.

The operating temperature range covers a range from -40°C to +65°C. With dimensions of just 34mm x 18mm x 7.7mm (LxWxH) they are compact. These features and their “reliability” make them a laser source for applications like laser range-finding, laser imaging and surveying equipment.

Frankfurt Laser Company products
The FERT-1535-XXXµJ-Q. Image: Frankfurt Laser Company.

The second new product from the company is the FERT-525-XW-FC105, a series of fibre-coupled laser diodes at 525nm with output powers between 1W to 4W. The output fibre is a 105µm detachable multimode fibre with either FC or SMA connector. By connecting a beam homogenizer the laser provides a perfect flat-top beam profile with spatial mode.

The operating temperature range covers a range from -40°C to +55°C. The dimensions of the product are 34mm x 20mm x 15mm (LxWxH) at 1W to 72mm x 44mm x 21mm (LxWxH) at 4W. These features make them a useful optimal laser source for applications like target designation or remote source lighting.

You can find more information about Frankfurt Laser Company and its new products on its website.

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