Emberion Raises €6m for SWIR Cameras

By Joel Davies -

Emberion, a developer of high-performance short-wave infrared (SWIR) imaging using nanomaterials, has raised €6 million in funding from Nidoco AB, Tesi (Finnish Industry Investment Ltd) and Verso Capital.

Originally a spinoff from Nokia, Emberion was co-founded in 2016 by its employees and Verso Capital, a Finnish venture capital company. With patent-protected nanotechnology innovations, Emberion has built visible to short-wavelength (VIS-SWIR) cameras using in-house developed sensors that provide responsivity with low noise and high dynamic range over a broad spectral range, from visible (400 nm) to short-wave infrared (SWIR, 2000 nm) wavelengths.

“We are disrupting multiple imaging markets by extending the wavelength range at a significantly more affordable cost. Our revolutionary sensor is designed to meet the needs of even the most challenging machine vision applications, such as plastic sorting. We look forward to helping customers access new information at infrared wavelengths, thereby critically enhancing their applications beyond today’s capabilities”, said Jyrki Rosenberg, CEO, Emberion.

The company, which operates from Espoo, Finland and Cambridge, UK, produces infrared cameras that are suitable for demanding application areas such as industrial machine vision, surveillance and autonomous vehicles. Emberion further offers camera cores with full HW & SW implementation for analogue-to-digital conversion, image pre-processing, thermal and power management and a digital camera interface with IP rated housing integrated with its own image sensor components.

”We have created a new generation of image sensors using nanomaterials. Our high-performance industrial cameras can increase efficiency and reduce the loss of resources in many industrial processes. We innovate at all levels of camera design: nanomaterials, integrated circuit design, electronics, photonics and software. We are now stepping forward to expand our capacity to manufacture”, commented Tapani Ryhänen, CTO.

Emberion’s know-how of integrating optically absorbing materials with graphene transducers provides a versatile way of creating sensors and detectors on CMOS ROIC substrates for diverse applications. Emberion has optimised various processes and has developed device sensor structures using nanomaterials such as colloidal quantum dots and graphene.

“We are appreciative of the high interest and trust towards our technology from investors and customers. With this funding, our next step is to increase our production capacity to be able to serve our customers’ needs. We will also intensify our efforts to further develop mid-wave infrared (MWIR) and broadband solutions to expand our offerings and to enhance the capabilities of our current VIS-SWIR product line”, added Rosenberg.

You can find more information about Emberion and its latest funding on its website.

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