Blighter Launches A422 Deployable Radar System

By Joel Davies -

Blighter Surveillance Systems, a British designer and manufacturer of electronic-scanning radars and surveillance solutions, has announced the launch of the A422 Deployable Radar System.

Blighter designs and manufactures 2D and 3D electronic-scanning ground-based radars, which can detect drones, people, vehicles and boats at large distances. Its radars are used in more than 35 countries for surveillance and counter-drone applications within the Defence and Security sector.

The A422 is a ground-based military radar for drone detection and wide-area perimeter surveillance, and the new configuration allows it to be deployed rapidly in remote and inaccessible areas. The A422 can be transported in a vehicle and then carried by hand up to a vantage point, where it can be deployed for covert day and night operations.

The supplied kit allows the A422 to be deployed on a modular mast designed for compact storage and simple assembly and adaptability, and it capitalises on the A422’s low power requirements to allow mains or battery power options. The system includes a remotely deployed ruggedised laptop with an interface which displays targets and permits the user to chart geographic alert zones for the purpose of unattended monitoring of targets.

Blighter CEO, Angus Hone, said: “The Deployable Radar System offers users the best-in-class threat detection capability of the A422 military radar, coupled with unparalleled flexibility in the field. We are pleased to be offering such a comprehensive off-the-shelf solution which exemplifies our drive for innovation and our determination to deliver market-leading solutions”.

The A422 is a medium-range air security military radar capable of detecting and reporting airborne as well as ground and coastline targets at up to 20 km, with clutter suppression for the near horizon, urban and shoreline operations. The A422 offers moving target detection and machine learning (ML) classification to aid long-range vision for 180°, suited to the detection of low-slow-small (LSS) targets.

The flexibility of the new A422-based military radar system means that it is suited for use in rough or mountainous terrain as well as in urban environments, allowing it to be used for border security and rapid response situations such as battlefield reconnaissance or search and rescue operations.

Find more information about Blighter and the A422 Deployable Radar System on its website.

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