AGM Selects Velodyne for New Mobile Scanning System

The AGM-MS5.Prime system containing Velodyne's Alpha Prime lidar sensor was showcased at INTERGEO 2021.

By Joel Davies -

Velodyne Lidar and AGM Systems LLC have deployed the Alpha Prime lidar sensor on the AGM-MS5.Prime, AGM’s latest high-performance mobile scanning solution. The AGM system’s 3D data capture capabilities open mobile scanning to a broad range of applications, including mapping of extended linear objects, inventory of road infrastructure facilities, 3D modelling of urban environments, smart city infrastructure and more.

AGM Systems serves global leaders in advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS), energy, forestry, industrial automation, infrastructure, mining, and smart city sectors with its multi-functional, high-performance technology-based on Velodyne’s lidar sensors.

Velodyne and AGM Systems demonstrated their lidar-based solutions for the geospatial community at INTERGEO 2021, a world-leading expo and conference platform for geomatics and future-oriented solutions. The event took place in Hannover, Germany from September 21st to 23rd.

“Equipping our new AGM-MS5.Prime mobile scanner with the Alpha Prime, Velodyne’s most powerful sensor, allows us to deliver an unprecedentedly detailed and dense point cloud”, said Sergey Mischenko, General Director, AGM Systems LLC.

The AGM-MS5.Prime system is a compact, lightweight and cost-effective solution for high-precision mobile scanning. Velodyne’s Alpha Prime brings to the system 128 lidar channels, 360-degree surround view, and a target detection range of 300 meters at 10 per cent reflectivity and 180 meters at 5 per cent reflectivity.

Velodyne Lidar’s Alpha Prime sensors deliver long-range, image clarity and 360-degree surround-view to build highly accurate 3D models of any environment for mobile mapping. Image: Velodyne.

The solution provides high image density with accuracy, which allows users to obtain points even when reflecting from small objects. Velodyne says these “capabilities are especially important when modeling urban environments, where it is necessary to recognize different objects such as road signs, curbs, and signal posts”. The AGM-MS5.Prime captures the data needed to build and update complex 3D geoinformation systems.

The AGM-MS5.Prime solution is equipped with a high-precision inertial navigation system, AGM-PS, which is based on fibre-optic gyroscopes. AGM-PS allows users to obtain an accurate trajectory of the scanner movement even in difficult conditions for receiving a GNSS signal. The AGM-MS5.Prime provides a dense point cloud with data accuracy within three centimetres. It can integrate panoramic cameras and other third-party equipment, expanding potential applications.

“With the AGM-MS5.Prime, AGM once again demonstrates breakthrough innovation that advances laser scanning systems for mobile and airborne applications”, said Erich Smidt, Vice President of Europe, Velodyne Lidar. “With its long-range and high performance, the Alpha Prime is a great fit for mobile mapping applications that require completeness of data, high accuracy, precision and speed of surveys”.

Velodyne Alpha Prime sensors deliver long-range, image clarity, and 360-degree surround-view to build highly accurate 3D models of any environment for mobile mapping. The Alpha Prime addresses mapping and survey developer requirements for a sensor that has low weight, low power consumption, and ease of integration.

You can find more information about Velodyne Lidar, AGM Systems and the new AGM-MS5.Prime, high-performance mobile scanning solution on their respective websites.

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